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Welcome to GoatSavvy, a website about farming goats and goat raising, whether it be raising dairy goats, raising meat goats, or simply caring for your pet goat. This website is designed to:

  • give tips on care of goats, kidding, goat husbandry, preventative tips, and things to watch out for
  • provide advice on producing quality goat milk
  • direct you to the right places to find your goat supplies 
  • provide you with the knowledge, resources, and suppliers to support a healthy and happy goat

There's never an end to all the things we have to learn about goats; every day we learn something new!  as we share our knowledge through various articles and tips, we would love to be able to learn from your experiences as well!  So go ahead and use the invitations to share your own tips - we'd love to hear what works for you (or doesn't!).

More fun stuff is coming soon, with recipes, stories, songs and goat gift ideas! 

Drink Goats Milk

There are countless benefits to drinking goats milk! Here are just some of them:

- It’s pre-biotic (has “friendly” bacteria)
- it’s anti-inflammatory
- It’s easily digestible
- It’s hypo-allergenic
It’s great for babies, it’s the closest thing to mama’s milk
- It improves lactic tolerance

Mites in Goats
As winter sets in, mites can become a serious problem. Click here to learn more about treatment and prevention of mites in goats.  

Did you know that goats can see what is behind them without turning around? Goats have strange rectangular pupils that allow them to see 320 degrees around them! This gives them the ability to see predators more easily, even while grazing. They can also rotate more than 50 degrees per eye, which is 10 times that of the human eye. Keeps them alive and out of predators' way! Pretty amazing isn't it?! 

Five Goat Statue
Guangzhou, China

Udder Health & Milk Quality
not up to snuff?

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