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Types of Goats

There are many types of goats, but all goats classify into two broad categories, milking goats and meat goats.

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Kidding your goats is an exciting and busy time! since goats are seasonal breeders, they tend to have their babies all at the same time too. We've compiled some tips and articles to help you be successful in your care for your does and your baby goats.

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Goat Diseases

There are countless goat diseases; they are very susceptible to disease and can quickly go from being a healthy goat to a sick goat to a dead goat, even within hours. It can be hard to determine what is wrong and how to treat, but this page is built to help you narrow...

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Acidifying Milk and Milk Replacer

In caring for your baby goats, you may be surprised to learn that acidifying milk has a number of benefits to the health of your growing animals.

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Dehorning Goats

Dehorning goats, also referred to as disbudding, is the process of killing the horn root in order to prevent the horns from growing. Here we will examine benefits and drawbacks to dehorning, as well as techniques available, and what to do if horns persist.

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Goat Health

Goat health is very important to the life and productivity of your animal. It is very important to be preventative in your care, rather than reactive - a healthy goat will have more ways to fight any sickness or infection that may set in.

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Mites in Goats

Lice, mange, scabies, mites in goats: these terms are used to describe parasites that attack your goat's skin, leading to loss of hair, sores, lameness, anemia. Here are some prevention strategies and treatment options in dealing with these ugly pests.

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