Goat Blankets

Goat blankets, goat coats, goat pajamas, goat sweaters - really?! yes, these items can be very handy way to keep the heat inside those tiny bodies.  Not to mention the cuteness factor! it's fun to watch your little ones skip and jump around outside in their cozy little coats.  The blankets range from being super practical to adorable knits that make quite the fashion statement, such as in the pajama party going on here: 

Goats in Coats!

Besides keeping warm and being cute, a goat coat can also come in handy to keep your goat clean at a show, or to keep your goat from scratching itself on a surgery site.

Of course, your goats MUST have proper housing.  You cannot expect that just because your goats have a cozy sweet little sweater, that therefore you do not need to provide shelter from the elements. These sweaters/blankets are more a fashion statement and a fun accessory than a necessity, and they should not replace goat housing.  That being said, here are some fun choices:

Amazon carries this practical sweater, which provides protection from the elements, while also providing a barrier against fungus.  It also has leg gussets, and is machine washable.

Above is pictured a similar style, available at amazon for not too bad a price. Just imagine, you can now get your own coat on, then put on your baby goat's coat, and go for a walk ;) 

Pictured above we have the Goat Coat Shop's sweaters, a company based in NY, USA.  These sweaters keep your goat super toasty!  The water just rolls off of them, and they wipe clean. All their sweaters are the same style: solid coloured sweater with the black velcro stripes to attach it to your goat. Durable and long lasting, and good quality.  

These goat blankets come from T's Blankets based in Texas.  The one pictured above is made with durable, soft, pliable mesh that protects from fungus and insect bites, offers UV protection, and has superior venting for maximum air flow.  The mesh offers 4-way stretch that moves with the animal for comfort.  You can get these custom made with any accent colour of your choice.  If you go to their website you will find they have a large variety of blankets for every type of weather.

Other Sources for Goat Blankets

If you're going for the cuteness factor, then Hoegger Goat Supply carries an assortment of goat blankets, and you'll find that Etsy has some great choices as well.  It'll be 'hit and miss' here, as the selection will vary from time to time.  I noticed "OldSchoolHomestead" has some super cute goat pajamas.... have fun picking yours out!