Goat Health

As the saying goes... a sick goat is a dead goat

So you need to take goat health seriously.  Whether you are a farmer and ship goat milk and/or meat for profit, or whether you are a goat lover and keep them as pets, the health and happiness of your goats is of the utmost importance.  If they become unhappy or unhealthy, your milk and meat will not reach their full potential, your profits will decrease and you will do poorly for yourself and your goat.

In order to optimize production, it is imperative to take care to give your goats all that they need. Goats are temperamental animals, and stress can very quickly ruin production and cause discomfort and even death in extreme cases.  

How can I ensure my goat's health?

As you care for yourself, do so for your goat!  Here are several important regular maintenance practices that you should set in place:

  • De-horn. Many goat farmers prefer to de-horn their goats shortly after birth, to avoid injury during fighting as adults.  Many goats have been killed or euthanized because of serious injury from another goat's horns.  
  • Provide Proper Bedding. Add to/change their bedding. 
  • Good Diet. Provide a proper diet that meets their nutritional needs. Here is more on "Feeding Your Goats"
  • Vaccinate
  • Antibiotics. Use antibiotics as needed
  • Probiotics. Use probiotics as needed
  • Hoof-trimming. Trim their hooves
  • Udder Health. Implement udder health measures
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