Goat Milk vs Cow Milk

All the research points to the fact that goat milk vs cow milk is far superior, in almost every way (Sorry cows and cow dairy farmers!).

It is becoming increasingly popular to drink goats milk.  Why?

  1. Allergies to cow milk, and those with gastrointestinal trouble
  2. Healthy alternative dairy products
  3. Connoisseur interests, in cheeses and yogurts

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Comparison of
Goat Milk vs Cow Milk:

 Goat Milk is...

  • easily digestible
  • much lower lactose
  • lower carbohydrate levels
  • higher fat content than cow milk
  • higher in medium chain triglycerides (MCT), which has numerous health benefits for the body 
  • higher vitamin levels (Vitamin A, Niacin B3 and B6, Folic Acid B12 and B9)
  • higher mineral levels (phosphorus, copper, calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, and
    selenium [an antioxidant])
  • more proteins, and also contains essential amino acid building blocks for a healthy diet
  • great for people with allergies, as the proteins contained in goat milk contain different structures that cause fewer allergic reactions
  • contains less alpha-s1-casein, which not only causes cow milk to curd, but it is also an element that sparks allergic reactions in people. Goat's milks contains 89 percent less s1-casein. Many people with allergic reactions to cow milk can drink goat milk as an alternative
  • does not contain agglutinin, an element that separates the fat from cow's milk
  • naturally homogenized. When the dairy industry homogenizes cow milk, it releases a chemical from fat globules known as Xanthine Oxidase, which causes a host of issues for the body, including cancer formation
  • goat milk has significant deficiencies in folic acid and Vitamin B12, which can cause “goat milk anemia” ... so make sure you supplement if you or your child is totally on goat milk

Cow Milk is...

  • lower sodium, 1% lower per glass of milk
  • cheaper and easier to find than goat milk
  • much higher in Vitamin B12, which is essential in building white blood cells
  • contains more folate, riboflavin and Vitamin B2

But it tastes "goaty"! 

The higher amounts of short-chain fatty acids present are partially responsible for the distinct flavour of goat milk. Come on, it's mind over matter here - it's good for you! if you can get used to the flavour, your body will appreciate it. 

Now... go pour yourself a glass of wholesome goats' milk, and live life fully! 


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