Goat Yogurt Recipe

Looking for a good goat yogurt recipe?  look no further!  easy, simple, light and tasteful, you will be impressed with this recipe. 

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In order to make your own goat yogurt with raw milk, there are two options:

  1. Pasteurized Goat Milk Yogurt: Pasteurize it by bringing it to a high temperature (180).  This type of yogurt will kill all the bad bacteria, leaving only the good bacteria.  This is the process that all store-bought yogurt goes through.
  2. Unpasteurized (Raw) Goat Milk Yogurt: This process only heats it enough to get it to form itself into yogurt (110 instead of all the way to 180).  This type of yogurt will contain both the good and bad bacteria.  If you are not accustomed to consuming raw milk, this is NOT recommended.  That being said, there are many who do eat raw milk/yogurt and are just fine.

I like to pasteurize for consumption, because you never know what bacteria could be in the milk... some types of bacteria can be harmful to humans.  Also, sometimes the wash cycle doesn't run properly, which can in turn affect bacteria counts in the milk.

Others choose to not pasteurize, because of the loads of good bacteria that get killed in the pasteurization process. There is definitely truth to their point!  Whatever the case, in our home we pasteurize....  pasteurized goat milk & yogurt is still better than none :)  it's your call, you do what is best for you!  

I do not own a yogurt maker - my kitchen is full enough! I find that the oven works well enough without it... so this simple and easy recipe is a good one for those like me :) 

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  • 2 quarts of raw goat milk 
  • 1/4 cup starter.  Any good yogurt with live bacterial cultures will do (such as Astro plain or another Balkan style yogurt; do not use low-fat or flavoured varieties)


  1. Heat the raw goat milk to 180F (or to 110, see above note of caution).
  2. Remove from heat and let cool to 115F.  Do this quickly by filling your sink with ice cold water and ice packs around the pot of hot milk. This will help reduce the 'goatiness' of the yogurt.
  3. Mix a little of the cooled off milk into the starter so that it will turn more liquidy/mixable.
  4. Now mix all the milk with all the starter/milk mixture, and then pour into mason jars.  Seal.
  5. Let the jars sit in a warm oven.  Check after 4 hours, and every hour or so after that, until the yogurt is at the taste / consistency that you like.  The longer it sits in the oven, the more sour and thick it will become.  
  6. Transfer to fridge.  

This goat yogurt recipe is best if it sits for several hours in the fridge before consuming so that it's cool and fresh-tasting.  

Be sure to save a little bit so that you can use it to start the next batch of yogurt!

Have you tried to make goat milk yogurt? How did it go? Share in the comments section below!

Have you ever made goat milk yogurt, or some other goat milk product? how did it go?

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