Kidding your goats is an exciting and busy time! since goats are seasonal breeders, they tend to have their babies all at the same time - which can make for a pretty hectic time!

We've compiled some tips and articles to help you be successful in your care for your does and your baby goats. From tips on feeding colostrum and making milk replacer, to learning about weaning and healthy growth of your kid goats, we hope you will benefit from the research we've shared from our experience, and enjoy this special season of having these fun little animals around!

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Kidding Tips, Care, and Management

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Diseases and Sicknesses to watch out for in your Baby Goats

Baby goats have little to no immune system until they are about five weeks old, so they are are at a much higher risk of contracting disease, getting a parasite, or coming down with pneumonia. Watch out for these sicknesses in your kids; if you can catch it early, then their overall health as an adult will not be as negatively affected.  

Kid goats MUST have clean feeders and live in a clean environment.  Not doing so will very likely result in sickness and possibly even death.

Rules of thumb for cleaning: wash all feeders, nipples, hosing, water bowls once/day. As for the bedding pack: if they're getting dirty, or if the bedding pack is getting dark, bed them. 

Caring for your Does

Pregnancy can be very hard on your goat, and if you're not careful, your doe's life can be put on the line.  Much depends on your care for her - how much you feed her, what you feed her, how much exercise she gets... so be proactive.  Know what your goat needs.  Make sure she's not eating too many high fat pellets (and thus getting too fat), give her lots of hay and straw to munch on, lots of fresh water, and adequate exercise.  If you do these things, you should be able to keep her healthy and be able to avoid issues such as pregnancy toxemia.  

Always nice to treat your new mama doe with some super special goat treats :) whip something up for her, or do the easy way out (the lazy me speaks out)... these goat treats are super yummy and a hit with the goats.

Good luck with your kidding season! we'd love to hear your stories and see your pictures! :) 

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