Saanen Dairy Goat

Saanens originated in Switzerland, in the Saanen Valley, where selective breeding of dairy goats has taken place for several hundred years. They are renowned worldwide for their high milk productivity, and can give up to 8 liters of milk per day at their peak, when fed and cared for properly.  If you're looking for a pile of milk, she's the goat for you. 

Milk Production

This breed of goat's milk usually ranges from 3-4% fat and 2.5-3.5% protein.

Appearance and Build

Graceful and majestic, they have a regal presence.  According to the British Goat Society Breed Standards, they ought to have "good length and depth, without legginess".  The most notable feature is that they are completely white.  When you look out over the herd, you will see a sea of white.  They should be pure white, however light cream is acceptable. Spots on the skin are not discriminated against.  Small spots of colour on the hair are allowable, but not desirable.  The hair should be short and fine over the entire body; along the spine and thighs there is often a longer fringe.  Ears should be erect, pointing up and forwards. The face should be straight or dished, and delicately structured.  A tendency towards a Roman nose is discriminated against.  Horns may or may not be present at birth.

Due to their light skin and hair, this breed is sensitive to excessive sunlight and performs best in cooler conditions. Provision of shade is essential.  

Saanen does (female goats) will measure on average 81 cm and bucks (male goats) will measure on average 94 cm.  Does weigh around 135 kg and bucks will be closer to 160 kg. 

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